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Module 5 Resources

Module 5 Overview

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Module 5 Guided Reading

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Text Version- SAS/Document Analyzer 5.05H
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War Powers Act Graphic Organizer 5.05H
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Module 5 Reveiw Questions

Were you satisfied with the product you created to educate the public on the requirements for becoming the President and on the President's job responsibilities? If you could do it over, what would you do differently?
What are the qualifications for becoming president?
Explain the history behind Amendment 22 and describe this amendment.
What is the job of the presidency?
Describe the Presidential election process and the electoral college.
What is the President’s cabinet? Be able to describe the cabinet positions.
Describe the historical relationship between the media and past presidents.
Describe policy making, giving an example of foreign policy, domestic policy and economic policy.
Define impeachment and explain the history of presidential impeachment in America. What are the roles of the House and the Senate in presidential impeachment?
What was Watergate? Describe its impact on the American people.