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Module 3 Resources

Module 3 Overview

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Games about the Court System

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Jury Duty Interview List

 Please follow the link below for a list of FLVS staff and faculty members who have reported for jury duty. Call one that has a last name beginning with the same letter as your last name. Ex. Suzy Chapstick would select a teacher with a last name starting with "C." Please be polite and respectful. "Hi this is _______. I am taking American Government with FLVS. I would like to interview you about your jury duty experience. Do you have a few minutes?"

How A Bill Becomes A Law

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3.02 Court System Graphic Organizer
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Module 3 Review Questions

What did the Judiciary Act of 1879 do?
Explain the difference between civil law and criminal law.
Explain the difference between a grand jury and a petit jury.
Explain the difference between courts of original jurisdiction and courts of appeal.
What is Judicial Review and who established this power of the Supreme Court?
Which amendments make up the Bill of Rights? Give a brief explanation of each.
Do Americans have the right to burn the American flag?
Why is jury duty such an important part of American society?
Give a brief explanation of Women’s Suffrage.
How many total amendments do we currently have? Give a brief explanation of them.
List and explain the legislation, laws and amendments that were crucial in the fight for Civil Rights in America.
Who were the key players in the Civil Rights movement in America?
What are civil liberties? Does the Patriot Act violate our civil liberties?