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The Constitution
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Module 2 Review Questions

What was the influence of the Enlightenment on the founding of the United States government?
What role did John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Charles de Montesquieu play in the founding of the United States government?
Did the colonists have the right to declare their independence from England?
Who were the key players in the call to independence? And what were their achievements?
What was the Articles of Confederation—its highlights and its weaknesses?
What is the significance of Shays' Rebellion? What were the causes and results?
What were the highlights of the Philadelphia Convention?
Describe the Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan and the Great Compromise.
Who were the Federalist and Anti-Federalist and what was their role in ratification?
Who is considered the father of the Constitution and what are its three parts?
How does the Constitution play an active role in our everyday lives?
What are the three branches of government, their functions and to what extent would the United States government function differently if we did not have checks and balances?
Describe federalism and how it results in a division of power.