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Module 3 Review Sheet:  Terms and Concepts to Know

Judicial Branch
o    Supreme Court
o    Supreme Court Justices
o    Court of Appeals
o    District Court
o    Civil law vs Criminal Law
o    Grand Jury vs Petit Jury
o    Judiciary Act of 1789

State and Local Courts
o    Original jurisdiction
o    County Courts
o    Circuit Courts
o    District Court of Appeals
o    State Supreme Court

Supreme Court
o    Term
o    Nomination process
o    Terms to know: appellate jurisdiction, opinion, dissenting opinion, original jurisdiction, “rule of four,” judicial review
o    People to know: Supreme Court Justices, Chief Justice John Marshall

Bill of Rights
o    Purpose
o    Rights and Freedoms
o    Amendments 1-10
o    Tinker vs Des Moines
o    Tinker Standard

 Jury Duty
o    Amendment 6 & 7
o    Jury selection
o    Terms to know- civic duty, voir dire 

Amendments to the Constitution
o    Article 5
o    Amendments 11-27
o    Terms to know: abolition, women’s suffrage

 Civil Rights
o    14th amendment
o    Brown vs. Board of Education
o    Civil Rights Act of 1964
o    Americans with Disabilities Act
o    Terms to know: segregation, sit-in, freedom ride, bus boycott
o    People to know: Rosa Parks, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr

Civil Liberties and the Patriot Act
o    Civil liberties- examples
o    Patriot Act- reasons, debate surrounding
o    Terms to know: habeas corpus, ACLU