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Module 2 Review Sheet:  Terms and Concepts to Know

The Enlightenment
o    Ideas of the Enlightenment era
o    Political theories of the Enlightenment era and how they shaped our government
o    People to know: John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Charles de Montesquieu, Sir Isaac Newton, Denis Diderot, Voltaire

 Declaration of Independence
o    Major grievances against King George III
o    Parts of Declaration of Independence
o    Lexington and Concord
o    Terms to know: First Continental Congress, Second Continental Congress, Common Sense, docent
o    People to know: King George III, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston

Articles of Confederation
o    Overview of the Articles
o    Weakness of the Articles
o    Shay’s Rebellion

Ratification of the Constitution
o    Constitutional Convention
o    Federalists vs Anti- Federalists
o    Terms to know: ratify, Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, Critical Period

 The Constitution
o    Preamble- purposes of government
o    Articles 1-7- structure of government, “body”
o    Amendments- 1-27
o    Bill of Rights
o    People to know: James Madison

Branches of Government
o    Name
o    Location
o    Overview

Checks and Balances
o    Purpose
o    Examples

o    Terms to know: federalism, confederation, unitary system
o    Hurricane Katrina
o    Federal, state, and local laws