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Module 1 Review Sheet:  Terms and Concepts to Know

o    The need for government
o    Terms to know: government

Origins of Modern Government
o    Contributions of Ancient Greeks
o    Contributions of Ancient Romans
o    Birthplace of Western Civilization
o    Western Europe
o    Age of Absolutism
o    Glorious Revolution
o    French Revolution
o    Terms to know: democracy, city-state, plebeians, patricians

 Types of Governments
o    Definitions of the types
o    Advantages and disadvantages of the types
o    Examples of the types
o    Terms to know: democracy, direct democracy, representative democracy, oligarchy, autocracy, monarchy, totalitarianism, dictatorship, nation-state

 Government Terms
o    Terms to know:  anarchy, checks and balances, confederation, federalism, limited government, popular sovereignty, republic, separation of power